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Daily Fitness Program



Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin


What do you want to achieve? You are going to need a reason to pursue a healthy lifestyle. We all have both ‘choices’ and ‘goals’…so for example, we may want to be fitter and or, we may want to lose weight. So understanding our goals is crucial, worth writing them down or discussing them with someone who will support you. Being clear on the goals makes it easier to consider the ‘choices’ we need to make to achieve them. The important decision is understanding the need to change and making the first achievable step….no need to set the bar too high.

How to “fail” at this program and still WIN.

You need to learn how to “think” about being fit. My ideas may not “fit” how you look to become and stay healthy. But here is a process or a recipe that avoids many of the pitfalls in achieving your healthy living goals. You want to understand BOTH the psychology of success, and the methods employed. If you begin to think as I do then you to some extent will be able to act as I have acted. Simple stuff you’ve heard many times. You’re also going to get some very solid and very basic actions and tasks that are easy to perform. Your biggest obstacle will be the change in your routine.


It is simple. Most Fitness wannabes are attempting to complete a goal that is structured to fail. Exactly where and when the idea of going to a gym to workout originated is anyone’s guess. The option was never available until probably the mid part of the last century. It is safe to say that the only beneficiary has been the individuals who successfully built and ran the gyms and the energy companies that were able to heat empty buildings over that period. Everyone else was a loser except perhaps the employees that were also provided a living by being associated with this ridiculous enterprise. I’ve asked Health Club professionals to estimate space utilization of the typical club—it’s under 10%!

Of course, there are a number of exceptions to this rule. 24-Hour Fitness is remaking themselves


Most exercise programs fail because the program attempted does not fit the existing lifestyle of the person trying to change. For a workout away from home, there are many variables that must all be in alignment with the activity to make sense. Let’s look at all the reasons working out away from home will not work:

  • Gym Workouts in General. It is hard to imagine a worse idea than leaving your house getting into a car driving to the gym, working out, and returning home hot and sweaty. Or you can haul to the gym a “shower kit” and extra clothes, but I’ve noticed most folks try to avoid that inconvenience. Typically you just don’t have the right placement of the home, gym, hours available to work out, and so on. Gym visits have too many moving parts.
  • Evening workouts away from might be fine if you live next door to a gym, but for most people, there is a commute involved. And busy evening schedules can make working out nearly impossible for most active people, especially parents.
  • Lunch workouts can be excellent, but ideally, you will conduct the workout activity without leaving the office.

If there ever was an idea that was contrary to how one could succeed long-term this is it. Decide right now you will only work out at a gym when the convenience is too hard to ignore. (Move next door if you want this option)

Why not participate in a daily fitness program that incorporates the timing of activities and locations that make working out both enjoyable, practical, and possible. I know you find individuals who successfully maintain fitness by going to the gym, but for every success story, there are many failures. Anyone can find a way to keep a routine for perhaps even a few weeks. But the easier the better.

Here are some ideas about working out:

  • Google answers the question about the ideal workout time here. You should probably work out first thing in the morning. The science says that you should try to work out before 4:00 PM. As a practical matter, most people should consider the workout as part of the beginning of your day—before the distractions of life get in the way. Oh… not a bad moment for a quiet spiritual time as well. Any other approach might not easily become a routine/habit.
  • Minimal Equipment is Needed. You have to incorporate a program whereby if you are traveling you can maintain your routine. The beauty of the minimalist approach is obvious—you free yourself from excuses because of time/inconvenience. You need a program that both works and stretches your body. Fortunately, a kettlebell and resistance bands with an exercise mat are all you need. Just find some Youtube fitness gurus, and you will have you need to succeed. No excuses that a gym was not available. All the exercise equipment you need is readily available wherever you go, (body weight, tables, chairs, floors and doors, and so on) or it fits in a suitcase.
  • Avoid Going to Gyms. Probably the best thing you can do is break the habit–the belief that the gym is available (or you are paying for membership) is all that is necessary for them to feel good about their level of fitness. There are currently millions of square feet of vacant gyms across the country, and the only beneficiary is the individuals making money off the activity. Unless you live in the gym or perhaps across the street for everyone else, it is a total waste of time. The one exception might be those individuals who Center their entire life around their gym, and this does provide some level of community that allows them to carry on.

If you want to understand how some people achieve the extraordinary success you have to look at the habits that you can begin, develop, and sustain. Working out is a keystone habit—once we put fitness to work for us, we will achieve a multiplier effect on the other healthy habits. I do not believe that you will get very far in implementing the lifestyle habits are described below if you are unable to activate the fitness routine.

Here is the easiest way that I can convince you how important a lifestyle that includes regular vigorous exercise can be. Thank back in your own life and the lives of those around you and consider the people you know that actually workout on a consistent basis. With very few exceptions you will discover that virtually all people who exercise regularly also practice many of the other positive lifestyle habits.



  • Never take a day off. You won’t need to. Try to complete the activity at the same time each day. Just vary your workout intensity and variety based on the day of the week (that will determine what you are scheduled to do), your location, and the availability of fitness equipment. Let your continued success drive you along.
  •  You must combine your workout regimen with some very deliberate dietary habits.

The Dietary Habits

Give yourself a day every week where you can cheat. But implement some good habits.

  • Protein Fix. I got this from the 4 Hour Workweek, and I think it makes a lot of sense. Start every day with a minimum of 30 grams of protein in 30 minutes. I simply rotate some flavors and protein sources (plant and animal) and occasionally will use a blender with fruit.
  • Proper Nutrition. If you make it, they will come, and you are only going to fool yourself if you think you can continue your current practice of dining out on a regular basis. Most restaurants offer reasonably healthy alternatives, but few go for them. It is best to view dining out as entertainment and use going out as a “cheat day.”

The Meal Planning Regime

I am not advocating that you follow this meal planning program exclusively. At some point, you will become tired of this routine. One way I mix things up is to visit an exotic buffet once a week. This falls in line with the common belief about a cheat day being valuable in maintaining a high level of motivation.

  • Your Food Preparation Plan.
    • Breakfast. Keep it simple if possible. I seem to never tire of combining bland foods like oatmeal with fruit, nuts, and other natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Use a small crockpot and cook a 3-4 day supply of steel-cut oats.
    • Lunch. Periodically cook a large batch of beans. Freeze in bags and thaw to cook 3-4 days of servings. Spinach salad never gets old when you combine enough ingredients.
    • Dinner. Lean meat and frozen veggies come prepared a lot of ways.
  • Your Food Administration Plan. I have purchased glass airtight food containers from Sam’s Club.  Only glass will clean completely, and with a silicone top, you have a winning combination to keep your food as fresh as possible.



There’s been quite a bit of research done and the evidence it is in that you do not need to spend a lot of time working out. You can complete just about any fitness activity using a method known as interval training. Just learn to search on Youtube


The depth and breadth of the content that is available online is amazing. You can learn about anything you want. You will find Youtube a lot more enriching if you stay away from BAD VIDEOS. Check the Chrome add-on Ratings Preview on Youtube.

Daily Workout Priorities

  • Every day with No Exceptions. Leave no room for ambiguity, and you will not fail. You can establish a minimum threshold or time/intensity for each day. Don’t worry if there are times where you alter your routine if you must. Ideally, you earn some bragging rights of self-discipline you will repeat to others. The risk of public shame might carry you farther than you could go on your own. I take a certain pride in saying that I have “only missed once,” and that was intentional! But you will also need to find a way to forgive yourself if you do occasionally fail.  The nice part of the program is a success can be easy with a good process.
  • 20 to 30 Minute workouts seem just about right, but you will want to have some shorter workouts perhaps as little as 10 to 15 minutes for those times when you need to get a workout in but yet do not want to take the full-time.
  • Don’t Start Day without a workout. Sounds simple, but may not work out that way. The program is well suited for someone who has control over their time and can create some “space” in the morning. If you are someone always rushing to leave, then you may find you will need to alter the time you wake up. For someone who works for themselves and has a degree of flexibility when they can dress up, this can work pretty well.
  • Have a backup plan. You can always grab a workout later in the day, but try to avoid this breakdown in your routine. The simplicity and repeatability come from an unalterable routine.  Try to look at an afternoon routine as a failure or breakdown to be avoided.

Weekly Workout Schedule

Weekly Training Plan – Google Sheet Overview of the Plan


All-Around Winner

Fitness Blender

Channel Focus: All Fitness Programs Covered.

This couple has a professional site with all the bells and whistles. If you want just one site for all of your workout needs this may be the one.

How do you find videos?  The key is the search.  Fortunately, Youtube provides some handy search filters. Or to make matters even easier, you can check out Fitness Blenders, and you will find hundreds of videos and a search capability built into the site.

Yoga and Pilates Channels

Disclaimer. It is no secret that this category caters to some fascinating personalities–and controversial/unorthodox views. When necessary, limit your attention to the fitness aspects of the program.

Most Fun – Sean Vigue Fitness

Channel Focus: Yoga and Pilates

Eccentric but charming, this guy is a Youtube favorite. Sean has a wide range of programs. Dog lovers will also enjoy his shows.

Yoga Search Favorite (female category) – Yoga with Adriene

Channel Focus: yoga

Yoga With Adriene – YouTube

Yoga With Adriene – Free Yoga Videos & Online Yoga Classes

Yoga With Adriene – YouTube

30 Days of Yoga – YouTube

Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Yoga – YouTube

You gotta love her–at least the fitness seekers searching in Google do.


Video 1 of Adrian’s 30 Day Fitness has been viewed over 12 million times. I have not actually completed one of her Youtube classes, but I can see her appeal with women. She reminds me of one of my sisters… (I won’t say which one, okay?) But success leaves clues so you might want to check her out.

Revolution – 31 Days of Yoga – YouTube

Revolution – Day 1 – Practice Ease – Yoga With Adriene – YouTube


Yoga Search Favorite (male category) – Yoga With Tim

Channel Focus: yoga

Yoga With Tim


30 Day Challenge | Yoga With Tim Yoga With Tim

Total Body Yoga Workout With Tim Senesi – YouTube

Day 1 Total Yoga Body Workout – YouTube


My Yoga Favorite – Mark Giubarelli

Channel Focus: yoga

Aka Hollywood Yoga

This Yoga Guru has some interesting commentary along the way. Pretty typically Californian. Bio Of Mark Giubarelli – by Mark Giubarelli

by Mark Giubarelli

Mark Giubarelli – YouTube

My favorite for challenging Flow Yoga.

You will find a great series of 15 – 25-minute yoga sequences at The Hollywood Yoga Challenge playlist.

The Amazing Kettlebell

In this section, I am providing some Youtube search links to source your Monday – Friday Routine.

Here are a couple of ways that you can implement this program.

  1. Just search YouTube on your phone or your computer and begin your workout.  Never once have I started a video and not completed the exercise.  So all you have to do to get started is start the video.
  2. If you’re the kind of person that likes to plan you might want to download some videos that you have pre-screened to your phone or your computer. Take a look at a Youtube Video Converter like Ummy Video Downloader. I can steer you to some more straightforward options but contact me for that information



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